My services

Mourad Ouada carries out oenological and agronomic consulting with particular regard to the vineyard and to the complete cycle of wine production. It has the know-how and the necessary resources to provide a high-quality consulting activity. Mourad Ouada’s activity includes:


The consultancy,

Site inspection

Inspection and choice of land for the future planting of the vineyard


The choice of the varieties of the rooted cuttings with the relative clones and rootstocks


Care of the operations of the vineyard system with the related processing and treatments


Consultancy in the design of the future cellar and choice of suitable material


Oenological consultancy with relative technical assistance.


Experimentation for product adaptation according to market demand.


Collaboration in the field of communication, marketing, event organization and in the choice of packaging


Assistance on the occasion of specific problems relating to grape processing, winemaking processes, conservation, stabilization and aging of the products obtained with relative bottling.


Analysis of the company brand and the best style to adopt

Mourad, in agreement with the person in charge of the company  , will cooperate in the management and control of all the processes in the vineyard and in  the winery operational activities, in addition he will cooperate with the person in charge of the commercial sector in order to make the company’s brand increase its visibility in the national and international market.
Mourad Ouada
Enologo ed Agronomo