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The best way to try to understand the world is to see it from as many angles as possible.

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The best way to try to understand the world is to see it from as many angles as possible. This describes the meaning of my life, a continuous journey united by a single passion, that for wine and for the people who produce it. On this belief I thought of the Mourad Wine Group, a set of cultures, stories, different experiences that come together to create one of the largest and most varied groups of wine-producing companies that unites a common thread, as if it were a symbolic branch of vine. Italy from North to South, to then reach beyond the Alps in France, and up to Romania, Bulgaria and then Albania. An always open confrontation with the sole intention of growing and ennobling this great natural element which is WINE.



sara ouada

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Companies in the Project

Cantine Museo Albea: Alberobello. Puglia. Italia

Cantine Risveglio: Brindisi. Puglia. Italia

Centovignali: Sammichele di Bari. Italia

Quadrigato: Guardia Safframondi. Campania. Italia

Cantina Oppida: Benevento. Campania. Italia

Historia Antiqua: Avellino. Campania Italia

Borgo Giulia: Costa Amalfitana. Campania. Italia

Corte dei Papi: Anagni. Lazio Italia

Borgo del Baccano. Campagnano. Lazio Italia

Storiche Cantine di Radda: Radda in Chianti. Toscana. Italia

Azienda Agricola Nenci: Chiusi. Toscana. Italia

Tenuta San Leo: Ariccia (Roma)

Rossetti Vini: Empoli (Toscana)

Azienda Arbiola: San Marzano Oliveto. Piemonte. Italia

Chateau Tour Perey: S. Emilion Francia

Chateau Rollan de By: Begadan. Francia

Chateau Greysac: Medoc. Francia

Chateau Haut Condissas: Bordeaux. Francia

Chateau Tour Seran: Begadan. Francia

Chateau La Clare: Medoc. Francia

Domaine Francois Premier: Saint Amour. Bourgogne. Francia

Logodaj Winery: Blagoevgrad. Bulgaria

Angel’s Estate: Nova Zagora. Bulgaria

Wine Society: Permet Albania

Villa Zamer: Timisoara Romania

Colle Petrito: Minervino. Puglia.